You just gotta laugh

I find things that make me smile or even laugh everyday. I suppose that isn’t surprising considering I have 3 small kids. Kids are funny! I think having a sense of humor is a essential in the life of a missionary. So, for me as a Mom and a missionary, the ability to laugh at myself, with my kids, or at the unique situations I face living in the Philippines is a must.
So, here are some of the things I’ve laughed at so far today (and I’ve only just finished lunch). I had to smile this morning as I took in my kids sense of fashion. Adelaide decided today that she needed to carry a purse and wear a matching bow and sunglasses into church. Some friends commented that she looked like a movie star as she made her grand entrance into church giving the beauty wave. Wesley probably has the most unique fashion ideas in the family. Today he insisted on wearing jeans that are about 2 inches too short. He also had to wear a jean shirt over his favorite t-shirt, so that he could flip it up on his arms and be batman. Of course he couldn’t leave home with out his backwards baseball cap with the rim inside out. Hudson is still young enough that I get to dress him, so there is nothing terribly funny there. However, I did let him try on his first pair of shoes and he promptly stoock his whole foot, shoe and all, into his mouth.
On our way to church I saw something that struck me as funny while looking out the car window. We were driving past a construction sight where a huge new business complex is being built. Roomer has it that this is going to be the home of yet another call center. As I took in the view I noticed dangling wires, ropes and cords, and thrown together scaffolding’s with random boards laying across them. I also saw a covered walk way made out off all sorts of miscellaneous boards, sheet mettle, old tarps and the like. It looked like it could fall in on you at any moment. Then I saw a big yellow sign that said, “Safety First!” and I thought, huh, that just dosen’t quite seem to fit. It was like that game on Sesame Street where you had to pick the thing that doesn’t belong. It gave Chris and I a laugh, especially as we live 12 feet from a construction sight and we have seen how construction takes place here, with men in flip flops climbing 5 story scaffolding’s in the middle of thunder storms with no safety ropes and with their hard hats neatly lined up outside in rows in pristine condition due to the fact that they’ve probably never been used!
I also had to give a little laugh today in overhearing our kids conversations. Addie heard Wesley say “shut up,” a word we consider rude and have asked our kids not to say. So Addie quickly and rather passionately announces to Wesley, “that is a bad word!” Later when getting out of the car Wesley ran over to the edge of the carport and stuck his hand out into the rain. Chris asked him what he was doing and he said, “I’m feeling the rain.” Chris then said, “What does it feel like?” “Like spit, ” Wesley replied. That one still has me laughing.
Life can be pretty funny. If you don’t think so, try spending sometime with little kids. I think you’ll find that God uses kids to make our lives more fun.

3 thoughts on “You just gotta laugh

  1. Lindsey I just loved reading about your life. You were just about Adelaide’s age when I first met you!I will enjoy reading your blog, so keep it up!Love,Mama Donna

  2. Lindsey, I have also enjoyed reading your blog…your children sound as precious as they look in their pictures. I can’t wait till I have a chance to meet them!!Jenn =)

  3. Hi Lindsey,I am loving reading your blog. Your posts are so heart-warming and inspiring. I really enjoy seeing all the pictures and hearing about what you’ve been up to. You have a beautiful family…Love,Jaime

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