Busy, Busy

We have had a busy week. The next trimester here at APTS is now in full swing. Chris is busy trying to catch up on work after having to miss some time by staying with Wesley in the hospital. I had to catch up on some baking and on running errands after a week of sick kids. Some of these errands lead me to the mall. While looking around the department store (I was there to replace a broken iron) I noticed that all the latest fashions seem to be a revised addition of everything 80’s. Leggings and big shirts, stripes, skinny ties, all seem to be back in style, at least here in the Philippines. This made me feel a little bit old. I’ve now lived long enough to see something go out of fashion and then come back in.
Anyway, back to my busy week. The week seemed to get progressively busier. Yesterday was the busiest day of them all. In the morning I did some baking. Then, we went to a playgroup with other missionary kids at camp John Hay. After that we had a quick lunch. Then I had to come up with a game idea and make up all the materials for Bible club. I also had to rearrange the furniture and clean and set out all the toys for Bible Club. I managed to squeeze in some time for home school with Wesley and Addie in the afternoon, too. At 5:00 we had our area director, Bill Snider over for dinner as he was in town for a meeting. At 6:30 we had Bible club. It went very well. Our lesson was from Mark 8 where Peter proclaims that Jesus is the Christ. So, we did several activities in our activity centers with the kids where we learned about how Jesus is our savior. (The pictures above are of kids at Bible Club). I finished the night after getting Wesley and Addie to bed, by trying to get Hudson to sleep while watching a DVD with Chris.
Today, we had faculty/student home groups that we host at our house. Our kids always love it. Wesley is so social that he has a great time entertaining the students. Everyone enjoys the merienda (snack), which always includes several home baked items and sweets. I just finished writing up some of my Bible Club lessons. Another lady on campus has requested a copy of them to use in her church. She is teaching kids age 4-6 but has no curriculum to use with them. Hopefully my materials will be helpful to her and encourage her to keep on ministering to young kids. Well, I’ve still got some errands to run and I need to do some schoolwork with the kids so this will have to end my blog for today. Truly the life of a missionary Mom is busy, busy!

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