Sorry for the lack of recent blog entries. Both our laptop and our camera died! Thankfully, our regional director, Russ Turney, brought new ones with him last week when he came up for graduation. The camera and laptop were late Chrismas presents from Chris’ parents. Thanks Mom and Dad and thanks to the Turney’s, too!

Last week was graduation. It was a week filled with events and ceremonies. Here are the highlights.

On Monday Chris administered his last final exam. On Tuesday Lindsey attended the lady’s tea and met the board memeber wives. Then, on Wednesday we all (except Hudson who was napping) attended the dedication of the new library/facutly office building ->
Chris and Lindsey also went to a lunch with the faculty & board members.
Wednesday night was the graduation banquet. After the dinner each of the graduates took turns sharing their future ministry plans. It was wonderful to see what God was doing in the lives of our graduates. The next blog entry will have photos and information on all of this years graduates. The banquet concluded with prayer over all of the graduates.
Thursday was the day of the actual graduation. Here is a photo of Chris during the processional and another of him with the special speaker, Rev. John Bueno, the director of foreign missions for the Assemblies of God, USA.

In the midst of our busy week, life as normal still went on, including Hudson learning to walk. Here he is walking with his Daddy at the graduation reception. While it certainly was a busy week for us, it was a great one.