The Graduates

As promised, here are some of this years graduates and some information on what they plan to do now that they have completed their degrees.

Mayo Reyes was one of Chris’ Greek IV students this year. His wife, Rhea also graduated and delivered their second child a week later! While students Mayo and Rhea led the student outreach projects. They plan to continue to do outreach and Evangelism here in the Philippines, their home country.

Pastor Dom was one of Chris’ students this year. He lives here in the Philippines and has been a teacher in one of the local Bible colleges. He plans to return to APTS to pursue a Masters in Divinity degree so that he can become a better equipped for teaching

Angela Hughes is from New Zealand. She and her daughter began His Heart Ministries while Angela was a student here at APTS. They are staying here in the Philippines as missionaries and are continuing their ministry to street kids and their families. Each week the Hughes’ have a home church and feeding program that they run. His Heart Ministries recently hosted a retreat for the mothers of street children where several of the mother were saved and delivered from depression or illnesses. It is exciting to see one of our graduates involved in such a blossoming ministry.

Agnes has an incredible testimony. While a student in at a secular university she became a member of a gang. She had been running from the call that God had placed on her life as a child. Finally, she came back to God and came to APTS to prepare for ministry. After graduation Agnes will be leaving for Cambodia to serve as a missionary with the Philippines Assembly of God.

Amar and his wife Sarita are from Nepal. They are returning home to have their first child. Amar is hoping to teach at a Bible college in his home town of Kathmandu.

Edgar graduated after the second trimester. He is currently pastoring. He also is a part of the Christian Education team of the Philippines Assemblies of God.

Laurent Tranque and his wife Lydia were two of Chris’ students. Laurent just graduated while Lydia has one more trimester before finishing her degree. They plan to help in one of the first Assemblies of God Bible colleges in Vietnam. Look for more about this couple in our upcoming newsletter.

Sam Matia is from Samoa. He was a student in Chris’ hermeneutics class. He plans to return to Samoa to train pastors.

Bill Snider is an American missionary with the Assemblies of God. He and his wife, Kim, are the area directors for south-east Asia. Bill plans on using his masters degree in missions as he continues to serve in the Asia pacific media ministry and as an area director.

This student is from Korea and will be joining his father on the mission field in Mongolia.

Ogino is from Japan. He has returned to Japan to pastor.

Daniel and Ora are from Indonesia. Ora was a student in Chris’ hermeneutics class. Daniel and Ora will be returning to Indonesia to either pastor and/or teach in a Bible college.