Malaka Trip

Thank you to everyone who prayed! We were all well enough to travel and enjoyed our week in Malaysia. The week flew by so quickly. We enjoyed getting to visit with some of the other missionaries from South East Asia. Lindsey had the chance to do a little bit of shopping. She got some great deals on clothes for herself and our growing kids. Wesley and Addie had a great time playing with other missionary kids and enjoyed their first ever trip to the zoo. All the kids loved the pool.

Chris was also blessed with the opportunity to witness on the airplane to a Muslim lady who was sitting next to him and Wesley. She was very curious about the good news of Jesus. Chris recommended that she read the book of John when she got home. Please keep her in your prayers. We know that this was a divine appointment. Chris needed to be on that flight.

We also were asked, and would like to ask all of you to pray for God to send out more missionaries to some of the other less reached countries in Asia (like Japan) where there is currently a short supply of missionaries.

One other prayer request, keep praying for our health. Chris, Wesley and I (Lindsey) now have colds. Addie and Hudson both have ear infections. So, we are all sick again!

Upon returning home, we had a renewed energy and excitement for the new school year. Classes start up again next week! In our next blog, I’ll write about the dinner we hosted for all the new students.