New Student Dinner

Last week was orientation week for all the new students. Many of them started to arrive the previous weekend. The first day on campus for many of the new students was a holiday and the cafeteria was closed. So, we decided to invite all the new students over for dinner.

We had 9 students from 6 different countries attend. We enjoyed the opportunity to get to know them. We also helped answer some of their questions and gave them some tips on getting settled in.

This week classes have begun. Chris is teaching Greek I and Hermeneutics. He has a large Hermeneutics class with 20 students. So, he’ll be pretty busy this trimester.

Lindsey has been busy home schooling Wesley and running the usual errands. She also helped with the beginning of the year Ladies chapel.

The kids on campus are all getting very excited. Young Kids Bible Club starts up again tonight after our summer break. They will be learning about the story of the woman who anointed Jesus with perfume. It should be a lot of fun!

This weekend is going to be jam packed for us. It is our spiritual emphasis weekend. Please pray that this will be a meaningful time for our students. Lindsey is also helping out with the Welcome banquet on Saturday night.

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  1. Hello busy daughter,I finally figured out how to leave comments. Your dinner party looks like it was fun. Wish i was there, of course.Love, Mom,P.s. More photos of the kids, PLEASE:)

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