A preview for the grandparents

Sending mail is a bit tricky from the Philippines. For those of you who just got our newsletter, we mailed it out about a month ago. Some people, like my parents, still haven’t gotten it yet. So, when we get the chance we try to send out mail with people who are going back to the States. This week the Cagels are going back for School of Missions, so we are going to send back some pictures on CD for our parents. Still, it so hard for Grandparents who are so far away from their grand kids to wait. So, please allow me do indulge them with some recent cute pictures of their grand kids.
Here are some pictures of the kids at home, including Hudson with his latest fascination, “trash”. The other little girl with Wesley and Addie in the picture above is their friend Isabel. Her parents are also on the faculty here.

These next two pictures are from our trip to the beach.

The final two pictures show Wesley playing “Go Fish” in our hotel room in Malaka and Addie at “Edmond’s” (her bike) birthday party that Wesley and Addie arranged and invited the family to attend!

We hope these new pictures will tide the grandparents over for another week or two. We love you!

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