Typhoon and Troubles

Things have been a bit crazy around here. We’ve battled a few illnesses. Hudson had yet another bad tummy bug. Poor little guy! Plus we’ve been passing around a cold.
We also have had computer troubles. Chris’ computer got a worm. I never even knew that was possible! It has not been fun! Of course we couldn’t just have one computer problem, the power cord for our lap top isn’t working, so we are ordering a new one. Thank the Lord that we’ve been able to borrow a lap top to see us through the computer crisis!
In other news, we had a typhoon hit us Sunday & Monday. The winds weren’t very strong, but we did get an amazing down poor of rain. When I stepped on to our road at one point, the water rushing down the hill was up past my ankle! It also started to flood into kitchen through the back door. The kids thought this was great! They were splashing around in the 1/2 inch of water covering my entire kitchen floor. Addie even asked if she could put on her swim suit! They were disappointed when I sent them upstairs to change out of their wet clothes. Thankfully, the maintenance guys were able to clear the drains in our back yard and stop the flooding before any damage was done.
The craziness continues with a very busy week ahead. Chris’ parents arrive tonight for a 10 day visit. We also have the missions emphasis week with various related campus activities and are going to be celebrating Wesley and Addie’s birthdays while the grandparents are here. It should be fun.