Beyond lecturing in the classroom, we have the unique opportunity of spending time just getting to know the students. Each week we host a student/faculty home group for a time of prayer and fellowship. We also have a lot of social events, like the new student dinner we attended yesterday at a local restaurant.

Additionally, we enjoy hanging out with the students at our house. As we all live together on our small seminary campus, students will occasionally drop by to discuss theology, ministry or just for a casual chat. Friday night we even had some of the students from the dorm over for dinner. Flint from Fiji along with Josiah (also from Fiji) and with a little help from Deanna (an American missionary serving in Thailand) made us a delicious curry. After dinner, Deanna and Mario (a student from Indonesia) stayed to watch a DVD. It has been a fascinating experience for us living in this unique multicultural Christian community.

The cooks hard at work in our kitchen.

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  1. Be blessed Brother Chris and family. Looking forward to having you come minister to us in Kotzebue the latter part of this month.

    Pastor Bob Curtis
    Kotzebue Assembly of God
    P.O. Box 282
    Kotzebue, Alaska 99752

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