Looking Ahead

Now that Lindsey is doing better, we are looking ahead to the future. We thought we’d share with you our game plan. Currently we are enjoying the Christmas season at home with Lindsey’s parents.

In January, Chris will return to the Philippines for two and a half weeks. While back in Baguio, Chris will teach a block course on the Pastoral Epistles. Chris will also assist in the hosting of the annual lectureship with the guest speaker he invited, I. Howard Marshall.

Then in February we will hit the itineration trail. We’re actually crazy enough to drive from Florida to Alaska in the middle of winter! LOL. We are looking forward to visiting friends, family and churches along the way in the following states, Georgia, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho. We will arrive in Alaska by February 13. Chris’ family and Lindsey’s brother, who live in Alaska can’t wait to see us. In fact Chris’ sister has never met Hudson and we’ve never met her youngest daughter! Our kids are also very excited about playing in the snow. We’ll finish off the winter in Alaska and then venture off on our next road trip in May.