Saying Goodbye

Our blog has been sadly neglected as we have had so much going on and a lot of medical problems. In fact, Lindsey’s heart troubles eventually lead us to saying goodbye to the Philippines and returning to the US on a medical leave. The doctors in Asia made it sound like Lindsey’s heart problem was potentially life threatening. However after arriving in the US and seeing a specialist, we were relieved to find out that it isn’t as serious as we once thought. Lindsey was taken off the strong medication she was on and has been gradually recovering from all the side effects that it gave her.

Saying goodbye to everyone we loved in the Philippines was not easy, but we were blessed to have 3 goodbye parties! The first party was with the Young Kids Bible Club. Lindsey passed on the ministry baton to her co-teacher and another student’s wife.

The next party was with the students. They told their favorite memories of us. It was touching to see how meaningful the opening up of our home, for meals, small groups and conversations had been to the students. It was also a blessing to hear tales from Chris’ classroom and how the knowledge the students gained is impacting their lives and ministries.

Japanese students singing us a traditonal goodbye song

A final goodbye party was with the faculty. During this first term we were richly blessed to be surrounded by experience missionaries who were always ready to lend a hand, provide a listening ear or offer advice. They became close friends and we miss them already.

Fellow APTS missionaries, Ruth and Nick Wilson at our faculty goodbye party.

Below, our mentor missionaries, Paul and Eveline Lewis sending us off.