Carter Family Update

Since several of you have asked about us, I thought I’d write an update. As many of you know we feel called to Japan. It all started several years ago at our annual meeting in Malaysia. We were at a morning prayer session where we all prayed for God to send missionaries to Japan and we felt like God said that we were the answer to that prayer. Still, we thought that didn’t make much since as we were happy and doing well at APTS. We wrestled with this for several months while God continued to tell us in multiple ways that he was sending us to Japan.

When we returned to the US we contacted Russ Turney about transferring to Japan. After a couple of months he responded by saying no and that the door was closed for us. We prayed about it, looked into alternatives, but still felt like God was telling us to go to Japan. God continued to confirm this call. So, in Feb. we went to Springfield and met with Russ, trying to figure out how we were supposed to start fundraising the very next day without any idea where we were going! Russ sounded much different in our meeting. He said that they did want to send us where God was calling us, and if God wants us in Japan than we would get there. He said that it would be difficult and that our budget would pretty much double and that he couldn’t guarantee that we would make it. Still, he agreed to let us fundraise by sharing our heart for Japan.

As we began fundraising God continued to tell us that we were doing the right thing. We were given multiple prophesies at various churches. Last month every church that we re-visited doubled the offering amount that we received from our previous itineration cycle. We are confident that God wants us in Japan and that he is going to get us there.

So now we are busy itinerating. We drove from Florida to Alaska at the end of Jan/ beginning of Feb. We are currently living in a 1 bedroom apt. in Nikiski, Alaska, very near Chris parents and sister’s homes. We have been busy driving and flying all over this large state. We have also enjoyed time with family. We got to meet Chris’ sister’s new husband, baby and step daughters. Chris also got to perform the wedding ceremony for my brother last Saturday. Physically I am doing much better.

Although I have some sort of flu today, I have managed to go several months without any real illness and that has been a blessing. Also my heart seems to be doing okay. While it usually beats irregularly several times a day, the cardiologist says that I am coping well and as long as I continue to do so and if I don’t develop any other heart problems, than no treatment is necessary. I am greatly relieved to be off of all heart medication with all the nasty side effects that came with them. I will have to continue to monitor my heart with checkups every 6 months, but otherwise no changes are necessary.

Adelaide has recently had some medical problems of her own. She was diagnosed this February with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. This is actually an autoimmune disease with no known cause or cure. Thankfully, so far she seems to have a mild case. For Addie it mostly means pain in her ankles and knees and reduced stamina. However, Addie is a tough little girl and most of the time you would never know that she has anything wrong with her as she just keeps on going. Lately she has been having a lot of stomach pain and the local doctor is monitoring her to make sure she isn’t developing an ulcer from the arthritis medication. Although it’s tough to see our little girl in pain, we are thankful that we were able to find an excellent specialist in Kansas City who is willing to communicate with us via e-mail and help us manage her pain. Besides the arthritis, Addie is generally doing well. She is enjoying playing with her 5 year old cousin, Cadence and with her Nana’s dogs. She still keeps up with her brothers, but also loves all things girly.

Wesley is doing well. Although he was disappointed to discover that he can’t go outside in the winter in Alaska in shorts, he has enjoyed the snow. He also excelled in his swimming class that he just completed and is hoping to take another one sometime.

Hudson is just as entertaining as ever. He just had his 3rd birthday. We celebrated it at the indoor community pool with all his local aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. He also has taken to calling himself “dog” and will correct anyone who dares to call him “Hudson”!

Chris is also doing well and keeping in good health. While he does miss his time of study in his office, he has enjoyed a lot of our recent family activities. He loves the beauty of Alaska and getting to spend a lot of time with his family. He is also working on on-line ground school and is learning how to fly his dad’s airplane.

As you can see a lot has been happening with the Carter family! We miss our APTS family. The kids still consider Baguio home. We hope that all our friends in the Philippines are keeping well. We have a lot of travel ahead of us and if any of you will be state side this year we would love to see you. Here is a glance at our travel plans, May- AK &so CA, Jun- NM, UT, MO (for Re-entry & Renewal), Jul-Sept- FL, Oct-? – MO, KS & IA (but based in the Kansas City area). Thank you all for your many prayers. We have seen God’s hand at work and appreciate all your concern and love.