On The Road Again

Yes, we’ve packed the Jetta full to bursting and we are on the road again. This time it’s a two month fund raising road trip. We started our trip with a stop at the Assemblies of God church in Tok, Alaska. Our three MK’s really enjoyed the two PK’s. We all enjoyed meeting the people at the church.
After lunch with the pastor & his family we set off for Canada. We spent our first night camping in Yukon Territory. The camp spot wasn’t ideal (think tent in a gravel pit) and it got down below freezing over night, but the kids thoroughly enjoyed it!
The next day we continued on for Liard Hot Springs, in British Columbia. We’ve had some long days in the car, but all is going well. We really roughed it as we dry camped at this Canadian national park. It was worth it for the couple of dips we enjoyed in the hot springs.
Along the way we have seen a lot of wild life. I (Lindsey) am helping Adelaide keep a list in her nature journal. Some of the animals include bears, buffalo, caribou, eagles, porcupine and many more.
Last night we slept at a hotel in Fort St John, British Columbia. It was so nice to have a soft bed and a warm shower. Tonight we are staying in a hotel again, so that we can get a very early start in the morning. We are able to get on the road quicker without having to pack up a tent and sleeping bags.
Tomorrow we have plans to meet up in the Seattle area with Chris’ Aunt Cindy for lunch. Then, we will head on for Oregon where we will stay the night with some American friends that we made in the Philippines.
There are many miles ahead of us and tomorrow we are hoping to be on the road by 6 am. So, I’d better log off for now.