California Girl

I grew up in Southern California, so it has been especially nice to return to the area. We got the chance to introduce Hudson to my Aunt, Uncle and cousins and the opportunity to visit some old friends.

On Sunday, I was delighted to speak at the church that I grew up in. I ran in to some familiar faces, which is always fun. Later that evening we went had the opportunity to go over to a friends house for dinner. We got to reconnect with a friend from Chris’ University of Aberdeen days. We also got to meet his wife and new baby and they got to meet Hudson.

Yesterday my generous Aunt took me shopping to update my wardrobe. Perhaps now I will be fashionable enough for Tokyo? Lol? Then we ended the day with a family dinner at her house.

Today, my parent’s arrive. My mom is scheduled to have surgery at a local hospital that specialized in spinal cord injuries and the issues that come along with that. The kids are excited to see Grammy and Gramps again.

The one thing that Chris has not enjoyed is the Southern California traffic! Quick free way interchanges, fast driving and cities that all run together has been a bit challenging. We have had a few “scenic tours” (as my dad likes to call them) of the area. Thankfully we’ve never gotten lost and have only hit one traffic jam so far.

It’s been a very busy couple of days, but we have enjoyed having a few days out of the car. We’ll head back out on the road today. We have a speaking engagement in Utah tomorrow.