Hello Utah!

We’ve made it to Utah. Last night we spoke at a church in Payson. While visiting with the pastor, Chris was informed that the town was only about one percent Christian. It was a Mormon town. My heart just breaks for the Mormons. They try so hard and are still so lost. How they need to really know Jesus!
Tonight we are camping again. The kids are having a great time. We’re staying at a nice campground with running water, bathrooms a playground and a pool. We also bought an air mattress in hopes of a better night’s sleep. Here’s hoping that this combination will make for a more enjoyable camping experience.
We made smores again with the kids. Every time we eat them I am reminded of the time in the Philippines that we introduced Mario, a student from Indonesia, to them. Tonight Addie came up with her own solution for keeping smoke out of her eyes….

She’s wearing her swimming goggles! LOL! What an inventive girl!