Our Day in Vernal

Today we decided to take a look around Vernal, Utah. After a breakfast of instant oatmeal and showers, we left the campground for the local natural history museum. Vernal, Utah is known for its dinosaur bone discoveries. The museum showed a lot of them.

It was a great hands on museum with lots of activities for children. The kids enjoyed putting together dinosaur bones in a puzzle like fashion, an activity where they had to guess which were the real fossils and which items were not, and an interactive tool for distinguishing the types of dinosaurs by looking at the bones.

It was quite an educational experience. The kids learned about what a paleontologist does, what fossils are and about different types of rock, including some that glow in the dark! They also enjoyed seeing life size replicas of dinosaurs in the outdoor dinosaur walk.

We like to sneak in educational activities whenever we get the chance and this museum was a great one. I especially appreciated how interactive it was. It really captivated the kids’ interests. The museum made such an impression on Addie that she is now considering becoming a paleontologist! I highly recommend it!

After our tour of the museum we went to Wal-Mart and picked up some food for lunch. We returned to the camp sight and ate. After lunch we had a quick phonics lesson and math review. Then the kids decided that it was time to swim. Unfortunately the pool was not open. Even worse, I (Lindsey) suddenly came down with an upset stomach. The sickness, being overheated and having some minor heart troubles made me long for a bed. When sitting in the air conditioned car and sipping some Gatorade did not help, Chris graciously gave into my pleas and got me a hotel room. We found a cheap one with a pool where I am now resting. When Chris checked out of the campground they said that several people there had come down with tummy troubles. Ah well, the kids are on their way to the pool here at the hotel and I am enjoying a real bed!
Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. We are supposed to be meeting up with a pastor tomorrow and then will be speaking at the Assemblies of God church here in Vernal on Sunday. I hope all of my readers have a wonderful weekend!