We’ve spent the last two weeks at Beulah, a privately owned guest house for people in full time ministry. We’ve also spent the last two weeks un-plugged. I must confess that I have missed having internet access, but without it I have managed to read 8 books! Besides the mini library here, we have enjoyed fishing and canoeing in the pond and having access to a kitchen. It has also been a nice break from camping, especially as the temperatures have risen up over 105 degrees here in New Mexico!
During our stay we have met several lovely couples. Like the couple who are music ministers and were a delight to our children. They still talk about singing to the catfish in the pond! Another wonderful couple we met here run a children’s home. They were a huge blessing to us as they watched our children while I took Chris to the doctor. Chris seems to have a pinched nerve in his neck. We are praying that the medicine he is on works well and that he doesn’t have a disk problem that may require surgery.
Besides meeting people here at Beulah, we also had the opportunity to visit with some of Chris relatives and family friends. We enjoyed a visit with the Neely’s and a BBQ with his great Aunt Frances and her family. The kids especially enjoyed swimming in Mike’s pool!
Like we have done on many of our stops, we have taken the time for some “field trips”. We discovered another great museum, Explora, a children’s science museum in Albuquerque. The kids enjoyed a flight simulator, designing floating paper cup propellers, and making a stop action film. They also enjoyed the giant marble run and a train set, which have given me some ideas for Christmas gifts. 😉 There was even a high wire bicycle that Chris ventured out on!
We are not just vacationing in New Mexico; we have also driven all over the state visiting various churches. We’ve seen some budding new churches, some firmly established works, and met some wonderful people. We’ve made new ministry partners and have enjoyed sharing our heart for the people of Japan.
Our road trip adventure is only halfway over. We have 4 more days in New Mexico. Then we are back to Utah for a few days and on to other states. There is more fun to come!