FIve Crazy Weeks

I haven’t put anything on this blog in a very long time. Life has just been so crazy lately! Just take a look at our last 5 weeks…

Week One
-Sunday: We speak at Services in Poplar Bluff and Puxico, MO. After church we receive a phone call informing us that Chris’ Grandmother had passed away.
-Monday: We 6 hour drive home.
-Tuesday: We get a phone call telling us that the funeral is on Friday; both Chris’ sisters would be flying out, and the family wanted Chris say something at the service.
-Wednesday: We drive 12 hours to the Fargo area of North Dakota.
-Thursday: We drive another 4 hours to Chris’ Grandfather’s home.
-Friday: We attend the funeral.
-Saturday: We drive 15 hours home.

Week 2
Sunday: Chris speaks at church services in Fredonia, KS and Raytown, MO.
Monday & Tuesday: We catch up on laundry, errands, etc. and get the newsletter in the mail.
Wednesday: Drive 12 hours to my parent’s house in Universal City, Texas.
Thursday: Chris and I have meetings with two churches.
Friday– Sunday: We visit with my parents and celebrate Easter.

Week 3
Monday: Chris flies to Alaska to attend district council while I stay in TX with the kids and visit my parents. I take the kids to the Science museum and plan to spend the week relaxing and having fun with the kids.
-Tuesday:My plans change. My mom has a meeting with a surgeon about her pressure sore. He says it’s too difficult and he won’t preform the surgery. My parents decide to move to Springfield where my Dad has a job waiting and mom can look for a new doctor there. Dad and I start packing.
-Wednesday: Dad and I do more packing, and I speak at a church.
-Thursday: Dad and I spend the whole day packing. Also, Addie and Hudson decide that crayon makes a good substitute for sidewalk chalk. They soon learn otherwise!
-Friday: Chris returns in the afternoon after a red eye flight. He and Dad load the moving van while I clean the apartment. Early that evening we start the move with Chris driving the van, Dad driving in his car and me in our car.
-Saturday: We get back on the road. 9 hours later we arrive in Springfield. We leave my parent’s at the Smallwood’s (their former pastors and good friends) house. We join them for a quick dinner, say goodbye to my parents and get back on the road. 5 hours later we spend the night at a hotel in Wichita.

Week 4
-Sunday: We give a window at a large church in Wichita. After lunch and a meeting with the pastor, we have a 3 hr drive home.
-Monday & Tuesday: We spend a couple of days catching up on things around the house.
-Wednesday: The kids attend their first homeschool soccer class. Wesley comes down with a fever and a cold. Chris speaks in Colombia a couple of hours away, and I stay home with the kids
-Thursday: I see the heart surgeon. He says I do have a problem. I need to find the cause and not just ignore it. He doesn’t think valve surgery will help, and that I should check and see if I have a parasite that is making me malnourished and causing me to have irregular heart beats.
-Friday: We clean house and pack for another night away.
-Saturday: We attend the arthritis walk in Lawrence, Kansas so that Addie can see that she is not the only kid with Arthritis and that people are looking for a cure. Addie wins a door prize of a gift certificate for new shoes. After the walk and shoe shopping, we drive 3 hours to El Dorado, KS to spend the night. Addie comes down with a fever and a cold that night.

This week
-Sunday: Chris speaks at a church in El Dorado. The theme was missions and mom’s complete with sunglasses and a pretend Japanes breakfast (it was actually Chinese). It was a fun service. After church, I came home with the kids, and Chris went on to speak at an evening service near home.

-Monday: I went to the local family doctor to see if she could help me figure out if I have a parasite. Being that we live in a suburb in Missouri she doesn’t have much experience with parasites. Still, she gets me started with some tests. I also did the weeks grocery shopping and a library trip.

-Tuesday: I spend most of the day calling churches about supporting us. Chris and the kids work on catching up on the laundry.

-Wednesday: The kids have a homeschool soccer class. We all have dinner and Chris speaks at a church in Galatin, MO (about 1 1/2 hours away from home). I enjoyed spending talking with a new believer and fellow parent while watching the kids during the service.

The rest of the week: We spend the next couple of days passing around a cold, catching up on house cleaning, calling churches, and running errands.

-Tomorrow: We are speaking at a church in Lees Summit and Archie, MO.

So that was a peek into our lives recently. As you can see we’ve been exceptionally busy! Hopefully things will slow down a bit and I’ll get better about keeping up with this blog.