Part 2 of We’re home

On to the upstairs…

Adelaide’s room is the first bedroom at the top of the stairs on the right. It is a traditional Japanese room made up in a non-traditional way! Addie wanted her room to look like she was outside. It has a princess garden theme. We placed a green shag rug that looks a little like grass over the traditional tatami floor. We also used foamies to make a flower boarder around the wall. Wooden butterflies are attached to the wall and the picture frame above is awaiting pictures of the family.

Across from her name and butterfly wall, right next to the door is her bench. It doubles as a desk, perfect for her many art projects. Not shown in the pictures is a large closet that store her toys and also has a built in wardrobe for her clothes.

This photo was taken before we had finished assembling Addie’s bed. It’s a double bed. Adelaide’s room doubles as a guest room and Addie is willing to give it up to anyone who wants to come and visit. 😉 Above the bed is her flower night light and now (not shown in the picture) there is a mosquito net to add a princess canopy feel. Also not shown in this picture is the small live ficus tree Addie insisted on getting for her room. She is very dedicated to taking care of her little tree. Addie is delighted to once again have her own room.

We never expected to have a house large enough for Hudson to have his own room. In fact, we thought all the kids might have to share a room. The children’s prayers were answered when we found this larger than expected home. We were able to turn the office (it’s a small room without a closet) into a bedroom for Hudson. His room has a car and airplane theme.

An end table and a bench make a nice kid size desk that is just right for Hudson. Since this picture was taken we have added a small dresser and moved the basket from the “desk” to the top of the dresser.

Hudson bed folds up into a chair and gives him some floor space to play on. You can see his bed folded up in the picture where Hudson is sitting at his desk and in the picture below see it folded out.
The final stop on the tour of our new home is Wesley’s room. This room doubles as a school room.

Since some of my homeschooling friends may be interested in how I have set up our school room, I’ll fill you in on the details. We have US history and geography area with a USA map, poster of all the American president and a geography poem. We also have 3 tall bookshelves that are pretty empty now, but will be very full once our shipment from the Philippines arrives. I have a couple of non-fiction shelves, shelves for their favorite series, easy readers, Five In A Row books, holiday books and other books. I also have a basket on a shelf that holds our math manipulatives, one that hold art supplies, and one that holds language arts and preschool manipulatives. Two small containers are used for storing pencils, calculators and other school supplies and a basket is handy for recycling paper.

Inside the large closet we have a shelf for games, my teaching files in a tote and a tote for science kits and seasonal craft supplies. Wesley also keeps his toys and we store hand me down clothes for Hudson in this closet. One one side there is a built in wardrobe where Wesley keeps his clothes. A multiplication chart in on one closet door. I plan to put a weather chart and graphs on the other.

Also in one photo you can see Wesley standing in the window sill. This leads out to the balcony. All the children have window entries to the balcony. This is a small balcony that’s main purpose is for drying laundry (it is to expensive to run a dryer and we, like most Japanese do not own one).

Wesley’s bed folds into a chair (as seen in the photo) and folds out into a bed. It is the same bed that is in Hudson’s room. This provides a lot of extra floor space and a handy spot for reading stories.
School time in this room mostly takes place at this table. It is another piece of furniture that was left by the previous occupants. While it is a bit small for mealtimes, it is just right for schooling. Soon our new school computer will be placed on this table.

Now you’ve had a preview of our house. I wish I could have you all over for a tour of the real deal, but I’m afraid that for most of our friends and family in America (and other countries of the world) this will have to do. Setting up house is still a work in progress here. We’ll be sure to post more pic’s as we go along.