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Now that the holidays are over and we are finally feeling more settled, I am hoping to blog more often. Of course, no sooner to I decide this than my laptop dies. 😦 Now I’ve got to figure out how to use our new Mac. I’m a PC girl, but it is easier to write in Japanese on a Mac (once I actually know enough Japanese to type something). I also need to discover how to do things like upload photos and be able to find them again. In fact rather than face the Mac and the cold room that it is sitting in, I am borrowing Chris’ netbook. Still, I am finally blogging again. In an endeavor to write more frequently, I’m not going to wait to figure out my computer woes! Hence, there may be some blogs post lacking pictures. I also might expand my topics to more than just typical missionary stuff. After all, the life of a missionary isn’t really compartmentalized. I aim to serve the Lord in all I do. So stay tuned for more insights into my crazy life and you can find out just a little bit more about what it is like, from one family’s perspective, to be a missionary in Japan.