A Typical Sunday

We start the day by dragging ourselves out of bed and into the cold air (we don’t heat the house overnight and temps are usually in the upper 30’s in the house when we wake up). Chris gets up first, turns on the heater in the kitchen and preps for teaching Bible study. Chris then drags me out of bed and gets in the shower, while I run around like a crazy person getting everyone ready for church. This is largely do to the fact that I am not a morning person and have a hard time getting out of bed. Lol!

We pile into the car, which anyone with young kids knows, is an accomplishment. Then we head to Tsukuba University where we pick up a student and bring him to church.
Chris teaches Hermeneutics (how to interpret scripture) as a a Sunday school class. Then we all attend the main service (the kids go to children’s church after worship). After church there a light refreshments and fellowship. This week we said goodbye to one international student from Nigeria and hello to a new student from the Philippines. Our church has many international students that are frequently coming and going.

We get home around 1:30 or 2 and eat a late lunch. We watched My Dog Skip. I think this is the first movie that has ever made Addie cry. Still, it was a pretty good film. I brought down Stratego, a favorite board game, and played with Wesley. Hudson and Addie made a big bed on the living room floor with a bunch of pillows and blankest and pretended to be cats. Then they decided that they wanted to play Stratego. This didn’t quite workout so well as Hudson (at age 4) doesn’t like to play by the rules. LOL! Meanwhile, Chris went to the Joyful Honda (a home depo type of store) to pick up our next weeks worth of kerosene for our vented heater.

After he return we had the cock-a-leeky soup and salad I made for dinner along with some french bread. The kids played a little bit more and Chris and I discovered the fun in playing “scramble” together on our i-phones. Soon it was all hands on deck for a quick living room and kitchen tidy up. I vacuumed and Chris did the dishes. Once the kids were in the pajamas and had brushed their teeth, Chris read a portion of scripture to the family and prayed. Then he took the kids up to bed while I sat down to iron and fold a couple loads of laundry. Life without a dryer = lots of ironing. However, I have discovered that watching something on Hulu, makes ironing a less terrible chore to do. After some Hulu viewing with Chris we headed off to bed, and so ended a typical Sunday.