More Medical Drama

I haven’t blogged in awhile, because life has gotten a little bit crazy. It all started with a phone call that I got from a classmate of Chris’. They were in an ambulance with Chris that had just left language school and were on the way to the hospital. Chris had been feeling poorly ever since his routine colonoscopy a couple of weeks previously. Then on that particular morning he had suddenly felt very bad, had numbness in his hand and feet and had started to faint. His teacher and fellow student accompanied him to the hospital and waited for me and the kids to arrive. I was so impressed that they came! Not only that, but a fellow missionary friend rushed down from Tokyo to help interpret. What a blessing! They ran a lot of tests, but didn’t really come to any conclusions. After a couple more doctor visits and a couple more tests over the next couple of weeks they decided that he had some bruising from his colonoscopy and had chronic gastritis. They still aren’t sure why he has tingling in is face, hands and feet. So tomorrow he is having an MRI to check his brain and the disks in his spine.

Meanwhile Addie’s arthritis has been acting up. I took her to the local doctor. He is the head of Pediatrics at a University Hospital, however he is not a specialist in arthritis. He didn’t really seem to understand the subtleties of Adelaide’s illness. He told me that she just might have to live in pain. I was not convinced and decided it was time for a second opinion. Last week I went to see a specialist in Tokyo. After 2 hours of train rides with 2 little children and a short walk we reached the hospital. The doctor was fantastic! He really took time to examine Addie. He understands that kids with arthritis can still be somewhat active, even when they are in pain. He found 5 swollen joints. He was concerned that if we don’t get this taken care of she could have permanent joint damage. He then ordered x-rays and other tests. He gave her some new medicine to take temporarily in addition to what she was already on. Tomorrow we go back to see if she can start ultra low dose of chemotherapy. Of course with this type of medication there can be serious side effects, but for some kids with arthritis they can be pain free!
Even while all this is going on we are trying to keep as normal a life as possible. I’m still busy homeschooling the kids. The school year ends in Japan in March and then starts up again in April. So I’ve been getting ready for the next school year too. After a week of rest Chris went back to language school, even though he still isn’t 100%. He is also still teaching Sunday School at our church. We know that we are right where God has called us to be and are happy to be here. Still, all of these medical issues are a bit of a distraction that we would rather do without! We would appreciate your prayers for full health for all of us!

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