Ablation And Maybe A Cure

I had a cardiologist appointment this month.  Despite the fact that the heart monitor recorded me on one of my “good days” it was still bad enough that the doctor wanted to do an ablation to stop the arrhythmias (ventricular tachycardia and premature ventricular contractions).  

 The way the ablation works is they stick a catheter in an artery in my leg.  Then send it up into my heart and map where the places that are causing my heart to misfire.  Then they use radio frequency to burn small scars in those places. I seem to have them originating from at least 2 different spots.  The more dangerous spot is a little difficult as it’s in the left ventricle, but he thinks he can get it.  The other spot that causes me some symptoms he isn’t as sure about, but he will give it a try.  The entire procedure should last between 3-5 hrs.if all goes well.  I’ll be awake for at least half of the time (so my heart rate will stay up).  I will have it done here in Japan at Tsukuba University Hospital. My doctor is supposed to be one of the best in the country for preforming this procedure.  I will go in to the hospital on August 24, have the procedure on the 25, and go home on the 28th if all goes well.

How to pray:

1.    That the doctor is able locate and ablate all the locations that are causing arrhythmias

2.    For peace for me during the procedure and maybe even an English speaking nurse

3.    For no bad reactions to sedatives that they will use part of the way into the procedure (I have a history of bad reactions to certain medications)

4.    For my health until the ablation (I’ve been told not to exercise, but it is hard to not do too much when so much is going on)

5.    For help at home while Chris goes on a ministry trip before the ablation and during the surgery

  1.  For my doctor, Dr.  Akihiko, as he preforms surgery but also for him as a person.  I’m not sure if he knows Jesus.

 The great new is that if the ablation is successful this could completely eliminate my heart problem and restore me to perfect health!  Thank you all so much for your prayers!  Here’s hoping that this is the end of all my heart problems!