Florida Road Trip Week 2

Week two of our summer road trip has been another faced paced adventure! We started out by speaking at two churches in Mulberry, Florida. Chris and the boys spoke at Fam Church and Lindsey and Addie spoke at Willow Oak. The people really seemed to enjoy the question and answer sessions we had. On Thursday we headed up to Cocoa Beach and had lunch at the fun little café located at First Assembly. We talked with the pastor about what we’ve been doing in Japan and opportunities to join with us in further ministry.

Thursday night Lindsey and the younger kids went to register for the Florida Homeschool Convention. They checked out the vendor’s hall for a bit. Then Lindsey spent all day Friday and most of Saturday at the convention, listening to different speakers, checking out curriculum, and getting some new ideas for teaching Hudson next year. Meanwhile Chris took the kids swimming and to see the new Alice In Wonderland movie. Hudson also got to go on his first boat ride when Chris and the kids went on the taxi boats near the Disney movie theater.

Saturday afternoon we battled the traffic as we headed south. We stayed at a hotel in Wesley Chapel that gave out free pizza at their pool party in honor of the holiday weekend.

Sunday morning we spoke at City Life Church in Bradenton, Florida and shared with the kids in Children’s church. We even signed their big BGMC poster. After the service we attended the church’s Memorial Day picnic at the park. On the way Lindsey asked the kids if they knew the words to the pledge of allegiance. Their years living in Asia really showed as they said, “I pledge allegiance to the flag to the United States of America, and something about God, indi something, with liberty and justice for all.” I guess there are some more things about America we need to learn!

After the picnic we headed to the other coast and are now camping out in a rustic cabin at a KOA for the next couple of days. We plan to catch up on a little summer homework and relax a bit. Lindsey is working on hand sewing a new quilt for her bed. Chris is out washing the car and the younger kids are on the porch swing. We’ll enjoy a little down time before we hit the road again on Wednesday.

While we are enjoying updating churches, seeing Florida, and lots of time in the pool for the kids, we are thinking and dreaming about Japan. We can’t wait to get home! We’re counting down the days and counting on new support to help us get back home to Japan by August. If you’d like to partner with us in reaching the lost in Japan, click on the support link on the top of our homepage. Thanks to all of you that make what we do possible!