Blessings and Memory Making

During our summer road trip we’ve had some little blessings and memory making opportunities. One such blessing was a free house to stay in for the week! While attending a mission’s convention, we met a new missionary couple. They are preparing for a two/three year assignment in Eurasia. I told them about our crazy travel schedule. They were planning a vacation, and offered their house as a place where we could stay and take a break from constant movement in their absence. We took them up on their offer and are glad that we did. We were still battling some illnesses, and it was so nice to have a home base where we could relax and get well.

All along on this road trip we’ve been looking out for memory making opportunities. One such opportunity popped up this week. In between people being sick, we had a day when everyone felt well. So, we headed off to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. We arrived just as a rocket was launching and we got to hear the countdown and the roar of the engines. There was a lot to see at the space center including: an actual space shuttle, a ride on a launch simulator, and a 3-D movie about the future of NASA. Hudson was inspired! He’s dreamed for years of being an airplane mechanic or an aeronautical engineer; now he dreams of working for NASA.


Hudson and the Space Shuttle Atlantis


Wesley in a model space shuttle cockpit.


We are finishing up our time in Florida. In just a couple of days, we will be headed back to Missouri for a week of Missionary Renewal. After spending the 4th of July holiday with family and friends, we will be off on part two of our summer road trip. Part two takes us to the northeast side of the country.

In all of our travels, we have our end goal in mind, and that is going home to Japan. In an effort to make this goal a reality, we’ve launched our 30, 30, 30 challenge. In 30 days we need 30 people to commit to giving $30 a month to our ministry. We’ve already got a couple of people signed up, but are looking for more partners. You can find out how to join the team by clicking on the support link on this website. Thanks to all of you who make what we do possible!