Northeaster Road Trip: Week One

After a refreshing but busy week of missionary renewal, we celebrated Independence Day weekend with Lindsey’s family and some long time family friends. We enjoyed playing games, visiting a cave, and the kids had a fun overnight with Grammy and Gramps while Chris and Lindsey went to speak at First Assembly In Hannibal. Then on the 4th we had a traditional barbeque. The kids had a blast blowing off fireworks with Uncle Bop Bop.



Fireworks with Uncle Bop Bop!

Bright and early the next day we hit the road for our next road trip. This time we headed out for the Northeast. Along the way we stopped for lunch with a homeschooling friend  Cindy in Ohio. Our first church that we visited was Bethel Assembly of God, in Bath, NY.


The next day we met another homeschooling friend, Heather,  in upstate New York along the way to Maine.


In Maine we visited yet another homeschooling friend. In fact, we stayed in her guesthouse at her farm for 10 days. It was a huge blessing to have a house to call home in between visiting churches.


The kids, especially the younger two, had a blast playing with the other children, seeing the animals, and running around the farm.   One day we also went to visit a park in Portland and looked inside a lighthouse. The view was breathtaking.


It wasn’t all play and no work. We did visit several churches in Northern New England. We arrived on Saturday at the parsonage for Calvary Church in Proctersville, VT. The pastors treated us to a fun dinner, gave us little gifts and made us feel so welcome. Chris preached Sunday morning and the people responded with enthusiasm. Also during our stay in Maine we had meet ups with two different pastors and ended the trip by speaking at both First Assembly in Bangor and Caribou Assembly of God’s dessert night.


Seafood lunch in-between church services

Overall at it was a great start to our second summer road trip. This week we are in the Washington DC area. Our next blog post will share the highlights.