Chris CarterGreetings,

Our names are Chris and Lindsey Carter. We have three children Wesley (born 10/16/02),  Adelaide (born 10/03/04), Hudson (born 2/26/07).  Both Lindsey and Chris were called to be missionaries as young people.


Lindsey grew up in southern California, but Chris was born and raised in Alaska.  God called Lindsey to be a missionary when she was 7 years old on a Missionetts tour of Wycliffe Bible Translators, and Chris had a vision when he was 17 in which God spoke directly to him, “Chris you are going to be my missionary.”  Our mutual calls led us to Springfield, MO where we met and attended college.

In preparation for full time missions work, we lived for nearly 3 years in Aberdeen, Scotland where Chris completed his Ph.D. in New Testament studies at the University of Aberdeen. During our first term (2007-2010), we served as missionaries at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in the Philippines. Our time in the Philippines was very fruitful. Chris had a wonderful ministry teaching New Testament to students from over 25 nations from around Asia Pacific. Some of his students have established the first Assemblies of God Bible Colleges in their countries. Others have become professors while yet others have taken their training into the pulpits of their various countries. Beyond training these leaders, Chris was able to publish articles for scholarly journals, and he also published a monograph in the Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series. At the same time, Lindsey developed a children’s curriculum that is being used in the Philippines and is being translated for use in other Asian countries.







Although we enjoyed a tremendous ministry at APTS, God began to speak to us about the nation of Japan. Over the course of many months God confirmed to us through multiple prophecies, the wise counsel of friends, prayer, scripture, and miraculous circumstances that he was indeed calling us to the nation of Japan. We were able to take a family trip to Osaka and Tokyo in May of 2009, and we were struck by the great need in Japan. Although less than 1% of the population is Christian, there are relatively few missionaries there. The people are hard to reach; the language is hard to learn; and the cost of living is high. Yet our hearts have been broken for the people of Japan, and no matter how difficult it may have been to get there and no matter how difficult ministry was after we arrived, we knew that God had called us to Japan for a purpose.

Tsukuba Church 2


Now that we are in Japan many ministry opportunities are cropping up. Chris is the interim pastor of our church, Tsukuba International Christian Assembly.  The former pastor left in March 2014 for a 1 1/2 year season in the USA.  The church has people from well over a dozen nations as well as local Japanese people.  It has really been growing and we are hoping to further the growth with a new evangelism focus.


Tsukuba University

Tsukuba University

Our other main ministry focus is a Chi Alpha college ministry at the University of Tsukuba.  This school has been called the “MIT of Japan” and is located in the “Science City”.  There are over 16,000 student enrolled at the university, the vast majority of whom don’t know Christ.  We currently have a weekly English outreach and are looking into more ways to minister to the students there.  Chris also teaches once a week at Central Bible College, Tokyo.

Please consider partnering with us in reaching the people of Japan. We cannot continue to serve in Japan without a lot of prayer and a secure base of financial support. If God is speaking to your heart about the millions of people in Japan who do not know him, please consider supporting our ministry.

Blessings and thank you for your consideration,

The Carters

Chris, Lindsey, Wesley, and Adelaide

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