Join us in JAPAN

We are looking for people to come and be a part of our team!  We are serving in a country that is less than 1% Christian,yet has very few missionaries.  There are so many opportunities that we need all the help we can get!

Tsukuba University 2

Tsukuba University

A major ministry focus of ours is starting a Chi Alpha at the University of Tsukuba. Tsukuba is the Science city of Japan and Tsukuba University, home to over 16,000 students, has been called the MIT of Japan.  We have a small, but dedicated group of international students who are currently enrolled and are helping us get a Chi Alpha going.

Chi Alpha1

Chi Alpha Summer 2014

We currently have a weekly Bible study and have periodic social events.  Lindsey has discovered that by simply sitting in the lounge on campus she has been able to engage in conversations with unsaved people.  We wish that we had more time just to sit and build friendships with students.  However, we are also currently trying to learn Japanese,  as this is our first term in Japan and is teaching once a week at Central Bible College Tokyo.

Tsukuba Church People7

Chris leading Sunday School at TICA!

Chris is also the pastor of Tsukuba International Christian Assembly.  It is growing and we would like to further this growth with a focus on Evangelism.  We are always interested in ways to reach the lost and there are opportunities for outreach in our community.

There are other opportunities that we just haven’t had the time for, even though we have the vision.  Many people want to learn English in Japan and holding weekly classes, especially for children, is a great way to get people into the church.  Hosting a Vacation Bible School/ English Camp is another way to attract new people.


JIKA Bible Study

We would really love to have a team based approach to ministry and would love to have people join us for 6 months, a year or even longer!  We also have opportunities for shorter-term help and even for 1-2 week ministry groups.  We have a heart for Japan and for reaching the lost and would like to help others catch the vision.  Therefore, we are also open to having individuals stay with us for a week or two to see Japan, see what it is that missionaries really do, pray for the city, and catch a vision for the great harvest!