The Carters in Japan

Welcome to Missionaries Chris and Lindsey Carters’ website! This is meant as a tool and resource for finding out what God is doing through us in Japan. Click on the links above  to navigate the site.

About Us

The Ministry

Our ministry is centered in Tsukuba Japan where we pastor Tsukuba International Christian assembly.( www.tsukubachurch.com) Tsukuba is Japan’s science city. It has a myriad of research institutions researching everything from quantum physics to agriculture. In order to connect with and reach the people of our community, we use some non-traditional methods. For instance, our Sunday services almost always include science experiments, and thanks to BGMC, we have a church telescope for star party outreaches.

We also have a passion to reach kids and their families. Every month TICA does a special family service that has interactive experiments and activities geared toward kids and those hearing the gospel for the first time. We also have a weekly play group for moms and their preschoolers, and we hold regular community and family outreach events that feature our BGMC flying saucer!

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